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Liners Gone Wild is just a funny ass store…nope, it’s THE funny ass 🍑 store. (Nah, we don’t sell “funny ass”). 

Trust us when we say that our one-liners are witty and wild—maybe a bit too wild—but that’s part of the game. So if ya got any inquiries or want to talk to the manager (f*cking Karen), just Contact Us and we’ll answer all your questions while at a bar drinking beer.  🍻 


WARNING: Too many new people are gonna like you when our one-liners are on your shirts. Only the coolest person in the room can handle us. Our collection of fun apparel will sometimes offend (proud of that), but it’ll ALWAYS make you smirk. 


 Our Backstory—How I Started

 Was it my passion for making new friends and creating offensive one-liners out of thin air that led to me starting Liners Gone Wild? Or was it the crippling fear of becoming an absolute failure?


Kicked out of the house one fine day, I realized I had many friends to chill with whenever I wanted. But I was never friendly or kind to other kids. After thinking for a whole three seconds (any more and my head would have burst), I realized that the whole “Be Nice/Kind” BS was a fad.


The real shit was being the fun person that everyone wanted to hang with. (As in hanging around with friends, not with a noose). 


I realized that when my jokes were flowing, more people liked me more. And if I was feeling down, I wasn’t the popular kid anymore. No one should be judged for being an unfunny lame-ass bi*ch, so why not let your t-shirt do the job for you? 

That’s how Liners Gone Wild came into being. 

With the help of my VERY *sarcastic coughs* AMAZING team—they’re actually a pain in the ass—I’ve managed to build something impressive out of it! 🙏🙏


As I shut the f**k up with my speech, here’s a secret, lads… we’re fun, rude, and loud only on the outside. Deep inside, we’re all about helping you make fantastic new friends and lifelong connections with people that enjoy your charisma. Hey…we’re NOT giving you a new personality, just revealing the real YOU.


And it all starts with a hilarious t-shirt.


~Founder of Liners Gone Wild