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Humor is a very unique type of communication in the social setting that helps people to express and appreciate something in a way that provides amusement. Our merchandise aims to connect people and make new bonds using humor”, says a spokesperson from Liners Gone WildThis is a venture with a unique twist – Liners Gone Wild offers a cool range of humor apparel and accessories for people who like wit, fun and have great sense of humor. 

The brand was started with the objective of creating merchandise with cool and funny one liners that no one can ignore. Head turners for sure, this line of merch cracks jokes like no one had done before.

For starters, Liners Gone Wild carries a diverse range of men, women and unisex t-shirts which are available in multiple colors. It also has accessories like hats, stickers, car stickers, caps, brooches, key chains, etc. The distinguishing factors are the one liners – they usually range from dark to slapstick humor. Liners Gone Wild witty merchandise will surely grab eye balls and will be a great source of entertainment and for connecting with friends. 

Liners Gone Wild has an amazing team of creative people who come up with these one-liners which are easy to understand and extremely relatable for adults. Not to ignore, all the products are made with superior quality material and are skin-friendly. Liners Gone Wild is the perfect blend of witty, stylish and comfort. 

The research behind using fun and humor in relationships has come up with some clear results. “The findings have indicated that when it comes to building mutual relationships, humor is important. In the early stages of a relationship humor allows the opportunity to make a connection, then facilitates flow of communication, helps minimize differences and provides the possibility of the partners to establish a deeper relationship,” writes Ira Steele, founder, Liners Gone Wild, in her research paper.

“I love the t-shirts from Liners Gone Wild. The lines are super cool and really funny. I have gifted few of them to my friends and they loved it”, said a regular customer of Liners Gone Wild. 

To track the trends and where things are going, readers are welcome to subscribe to Liners Gone Wild e-mail list and follow on social media.

For more information, please visit: www.linersgonewild.lol

IG: @liners_gone_wild

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